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An accountant’s job is to manage other people’s money. They must keep very accurate records. They have to provide detailed reports. Nevertheless, they are running a business. As a result, they must have adequate business insurance. This insurance helps avoid financial loss from unavoidable accidents. READ MORE >>

Financial institutions vary. Banks, mortgage lenders and investment companies all have different tasks. However, each one has to promise to keep the customer’s money safe. There is always a risk when it comes to other people’s money. If a peril compromises the integrity of your group, you likely have to answer to your customers. READ MORE >>

img.responsiveimagesize {     max-width: 100%;     height: auto; } Technically, a flood can affect any home. However, some homes are at a much higher risk of flooding than others. Floods can cause severe damages to high-risk homes. READ MORE >>

With spring approaching, many people will rent cars to travel. Even when they own a car, many drivers consider rentals. A rental car is a good option since drivers don’t have to worry about adding extra miles on personal vehicles. They also might choose an eco-friendly, compact car and stretch their travel budget. READ MORE >>

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance policy? Many people do not think twice about it. They purchase a policy, set it aside, and don’t think about it again. This can be a big mistake.  If you have not taken the time to inspect your policy in the last year, do so now. READ MORE >>

If you’re on a group health care plan, you’re likely receiving top of the line health insurance. Group health insurance is usually the preferred plan offered by employers to their employees. Health insurance companies provide group health care plans on behalf of your employer. READ MORE >>

For some companies, contracts make up a significant portion of their business revenues. Businesses look for business contracts that will help them meet their financial projects. Some are successful at scoring business contracts, while others aren’t too successful.  READ MORE >>

As a business owner, it’s important to recognize all of the risks that can impact your business. If you have drivers, it is essential for you to understand the amount and type of risk that your drivers present. In the event of traffic incidents, you could be liable for the actions of your drivers. READ MORE >>

Solar panels are going up on many of today’s homes. These panels, which used to be only considered beneficial in warm areas like Nevada and California, are now more readily available to homeowners throughout the country. They offer a great deal of benefit to the homeowner. READ MORE >>

Your home is your shelter from the outside world. From severe weather to home invasions, your home is your first defense against harmful events. Over the years, to make your home your own, you can increase the number of risks that threaten your home, your family and your home insurance inadvertently. READ MORE >>

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