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What you say matters. What you print matters, too. Business insurance includes protections for liability claims. Liability occurs when you make a mistake that causes another party to lose in some way. General liability insurance is a key component of protection for every business. READ MORE >>

When selecting commercial auto insurance, choose it based on how you will use the vehicle. This can play a role in how much you pay. Insurers look at your business’s activities to determine how much risk is present. In high-risk scenarios, they often charge more for coverage. READ MORE >>

You need general liability insurance for your business regardless of whether you are a one-man operation or a medium-sized business with a hundred employees. This form of business insurance protects you against an array of lawsuits. Do not underestimate such lawsuits. READ MORE >>

For some companies, contracts make up a significant portion of their business revenues. Businesses look for business contracts that will help them meet their financial projects. Some are successful at scoring business contracts, while others aren’t too successful.  READ MORE >>

As a business owner, it’s important to recognize all of the risks that can impact your business. If you have drivers, it is essential for you to understand the amount and type of risk that your drivers present. In the event of traffic incidents, you could be liable for the actions of your drivers. READ MORE >>

As a business that provides professional services, you've probably already heard about the importance of errors & omissions insurance (often called E&O insurance). Wondering what it covers? In a nutshell, E&O insurance protects your business in the case that it should fail to properly perform professional duties, which can lead to claims of errors or negligence. READ MORE >>

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