4 Common, Yet Overlooked Insurance Risks at Your Home

| September 16, 2016

Your home is your shelter from the outside world. From severe weather to home invasions, your home is your first defense against harmful events. Over the years, to make your home your own, you can increase the number of risks that threaten your home, your family and your home insurance inadvertently. The following are a few common insurance risks at your home that you may have overlooked.

Unkempt Structures on Your Property Can Be a Liability

Old structures like barns are common on properties. Maybe you’ve delayed removing these structures, or you have plans to remodel it. If you’ve ignored it for years, the state of the structure is unknown to you. As a result, teens and others seeking shelter could get hurt in your shelter if they had access, which could become a problem when it comes to your home insurance.

Recreational Items Can Injure the Inexperienced

Trampolines, pools and boats are all great for the family. Whether you are grilling or having a family outing on the water, these recreational items have proven to be great past times. Unfortunately, all three are threats to your financial well-being. If a neighbor or guests get hurt using your recreational items, you could be responsible for making them whole.

Pets Present a Danger to Strangers

You, like millions of households in the United States, own pets. Your pets are a part of your family. However, there are pets that can be a dangerous, including dogs. It’s important to keep in mind that you are financially responsible for your pet’s actions. To ensure your guests are safe, always supervise your pets when they are on your property.

Luxury Items May Lure Burglars

Boats, trailers and RVs are considered luxury items to some people. When you own these items, you may be displaying to strangers that you have a little extra money in your household. To strangers, these luxury items can be a sign that you have valuables inside your home, including cash. If you choose to own property that may be considered luxurious to others, you should take extra steps to protect your belongings.

Your home is your personal barrier from other dangers. Over the years, you may begin to ignore the measures you once took to ensure that your home’s completely protected. To secure your home, take a thorough assessment of the potential dangers that could lead to home insurance claims against your property.

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