Professional and Liability Risks for Electricians

| September 11, 2017

Electricians deal with what could be a dangerous product if they don’t handle it correctly.

For this reason, electrical businesses need to buy workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The proper liability insurance can help protect electricians if they sustain harm.

Injury Risks for Electricians

Should electricians improperly perform their duties, they might sustain severe injuries or even death. Common injuries associated with electrical service work includes:

  • Electrocution or burns from working with live wires, generators or other conductors.
  • Slips and falls related to electricians having to access hard-to-reach areas. Injuries may result from electricians simply walking down the stairs into a basement. However, they may also result from more dangerous tasks, such as when electricians have to climb electrical poles.
  • Other injuries from the property associated with a project. For example, the electrician may get a concussion by hitting their head on the home’s attic beams when making repairs.

Every home, construction site or other setting poses an injury risk to electricians. Electricians should receive the training to know how to reduce injury risks in any setting. Additionally, they should always use safety equipment when working.

Property owners should remain vigilant of electricians, and help them avoid injury risks. For example, a homeowner might clear the area around a work site, or warn the electrician of known risks in the areas of their project space.

Workers’ Compensation for Electricians

Like most contractors, electrician injury risks could lead to considerable medical harm. Electrical injuries may result in medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost income from having to miss work. Because injuries can cause such an interruption of the electrician’s working life, they might qualify for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation can help a business pay employees for the losses they sustain from on-the-job risks. Most states require contracting businesses to provide their employees with workers’ compensation. This is often regardless of whether a job-related injury was the business’ fault.

All electrical businesses should invest in workers’ compensation insurance. Workers' compensation may cover the electrician’s medical costs or lost income during the time they have to take off work.

Electrical business owners should talk to their business insurance agent. The agent can help determine the appropriate workers’ compensation insurance to protect the business and its employees.

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